Day Program

With a participant-to-staff ratio of 4:1 or better, SYG’s Day Program creates a safe and supportive environment where all individuals feel welcome. It assists in the development and retention of work experience, life skills and social interaction in a group environment.

"For our daughter Nicole, Sunrise gives her life immense joy! Its a wonderful place where her disabilities disappear and she is able to have and interact with many friends daily. The wonderful care by staff, the safe place, the great day program, learning experiences and the many, many events that they organize in order to give all of their members various opportunities that they might not otherwise have. The mention of Sunrise brings a huge smile to Nicole's face and her eyes reflect that brilliance, and it's also a magical name that is always helpful in getting her to go to bed, only so the next day can start once again at Sunrise. For us, there is nothing more valuable or important to us than providing her with joy in her life. We feel so happy and lucky to be able to do so directly because of Sunrise Youth Group. It's such a wonderful program/gift and we're also so thankful of the  peace of mind that it provides us with. We can't imagine a better program and hope that the program continues on for many many years."


Hot Lunch

This Program involves all participants and staff planning, prepping and preparing a nutritious lunch to enjoy.  The Hot Lunch program increases meal preparation skills, kitchen and food safety knowledge, budgeting skills and community involvement.


The participants contribute to an ongoing novel study where they actively listen to the material being presented.  Each member is engaged through chapter questions geared to their comprehension level.  After the reading portion of the program is complete, members take part in a fun activity based on the chapter.


Visual Art

The Art Program allows the members to use different creative materials to create art projects, which encourages sensory and motor skills, along with improving and maintaining hand-eye coordination. We focus on developing fine motor skills, creative expression and collaboration on projects.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Program allows for creative expression, physical movement and communication skill development. Members have written and performed their own plays, participate in karaoke or dance and have learned about different forms of creative expression.



Photo by <a href="">Phil Aicken</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Phil Aicken on Unsplash

In our Fitness Program, our members explore a variety of activities and programs to encourage movement, flexibility and general positive health. Common activities are walks on local paths, mall walking, yoga and circuit activities.


In our Humanities Program, our skilled facilitator explores a variety of topics and subjects that are of interest to our members. Some topics we have explored in the past are plant cycles, gardening, Canada and more. All topics include a variety of activities and accommodate to various learning styles to teach while also having fun!


Life Skills & Fundraising

This program rotates between a Fundraising Program where members create products for sale in the Sunrise Shop and our Life Skills Program which focuses on creating and maintaining important life skills for our members. Some topics covered in life skills are money management, fire safety, learning to write letters, personal hygiene and public transit. Our fundraising program helps members increase their fine motor skills, their creativity and their independence.


Photo by <a href="">Calum Lewis</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

The Baking Program allows the members to become familiar with baking utensils and equipment, their names and how to use them. The members learn about the ingredients used for baking and their nutritional value. It is a social activity that gives the members pride in their achievement of the finished product. Members look over the recipe, gather the ingredients and in teams create the recipe with staff guidance. At the end of the day, members get to take their treats home!


Fun Friday


The Fun Friday Program is a day where the members get to enjoy themselves with more recreational style activities. As with all of our programs, there is a life skills element, in the preparation of food, social interaction in the group activities, and lots of laughter. Some examples of a Fun Friday would be going to the local movie theatre, bowling, beach days or themed days!