Our Staff Make All The Difference



Administration & Volunteer coordinator
Amber Mckinley


(with member Alyssa at our annual Christmas party)

“I started out as a student in 2011, continued on to part-time then full time staff member in the day program. Since my first day I have felt so welcomed by staff and members, there truly is no place like Sunrise! My favorite thing to do at Sunrise is dance! Everyone has amazing & unique dance moves! Since returning from maternity leave I have taken on the role of Administrative and Volunteer Coordinator.”

Administration Email contact: programs@sunriseyouthgroup.ca

Volunteer Email Contact: volunteers@sunriseyouthgroup.ca

(905)438-9910 ext. 1001


Administration Assistant
Brittany McMinn
(with member Nicole at the Valentines Dance)

"I started out as a student in 2014. I quickly fell in love with this organization. The energy and positivity this place brings is hard to find. My favorite thing about Sunrise is definitely the dancing and singing. To be able to dance and sing like nobody is watching gives you everyday confidence. Sunrise brings a smile to my face everyday."

Contact email: programs@sunriseyouthgroup.ca
(905)438-9910 ext. 1001


Athman, Shareefah

Day Program Supervisor
Shareefah Athman

(with members Charlene and Andrea during Day Program)

"I started as a placement student in the Social Service Worker Program in 2015. Soon after I was hired as on-call and now work in the Day Program full time! At first I never expected to be working in this field or environment, until I came to Sunrise and I instantly fell in love. I have formed lifelong friendships here and they are truly like family to me!"

Contact email: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca 

(905)438-9910 ext. 1003


Day Program Support Staff
Jeff McGilton

(with member David during Day Program)

I started as a volunteer at Sunrise in the summer of 2018 and was soon after welcomed onto the Day Program team. With both staff and members extending their welcoming arms, it wasn't long before I felt right at home at SYG. With my background in performance and marketing, I am thrilled to be spearheading the Performing Arts and Fundraising programs for the next few months, and making so many memories along the way!

Contact email: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca

(905)438-9910 ext. 1003

Chels & Kelly

Day Program Support Staff
Chelsey Osmond

(with member Kelly during Day Program)

I started at sunrise as a placement student in 2014. After my year placement, I was hired as on call staff. In May 2018 I started working full time at sunrise, covering a maternity leave position. I’m currently running the baking and art programs, and I love it! I’m very grateful to be working at sunrise, it is such a happy and positive environment.

Contact email: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca 

(905)438-9910 ext. 1003


Day Program Support Staff
Stephanie Phillips

(with members Nicole and Patrick during Day Program)

I started at Sunrise as the odd one out not starting as a student, But was welcomed in with open arms! I loving being apart of the unique and diverse Sunrise Family and I’m so grateful to be apart of it! I am currently running Humanities and Fitness and am loving it! I am so happy to be a part of this big family!

Contact email: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca

(905)438-9910 ext. 1003


Emily and Erin

Recreation program coordinator, Team management
Emily Harris
(with member Erin at a Cabin Retreat)

I was first introduced to SYG as a placement student, upon graduation I gained an on-call position within the day program. In October 2016 I was fortunate enough to receive my current role as the Recreation Program Coordinator! Sunrise means the world to me. I try my best to plan unique and creative programs and events for our incredible members!
Email contact: recreation@sunriseyouthgroup.ca

(905)438-9910 ext. 1002

Julia and Nicole Z

Recreation Support Staff
Julia Derdaele
(with member Nicole at Camp Wabikon)

"I first started at Sunrise in 2013 as a volunteer. Since then I have been a student in the day program, on call for all programs, which then led to my current position as recreation support staff. I am so happy I found my Sunrise family, they have changed and shaped my life in ways I never knew were possible. Everyone at Sunrise are all unique and make for such a bright and positive environment. My favorite part of Sunrise is Camp Wabikon. It is hands down the best week ever! I am so lucky to be a part of an organization that lets me be who I am and accepts me for me"

Email Contact: recreation@sunriseyouthgroup.ca

(905)438-9910 ext. 1002


Day program supervisor
Danielle Ferland
(With member Derrick, at our Day program Christmas party)

“I first started at Sunrise Youth Group in February 2010 and have enjoyed every minute of it! I am very fortunate to have a job that I love and I am able to have fun every day! My favorite thing to do at Sunrise is facilitating the literacy program. This allows me to share my love for reading and learning while making it accessible to all comprehension levels. The staff and members have become my second family”
Email contact: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca



Day program support staff
Dee Bragg
(with member Shannon at our fun Friday beach day)

“I have been a part of the Sunrise family since November 2012. I love being a part of such a special organization. I’m lucky to come here every day and work with such amazing members and staff. My favorite thing to do at Sunrise is dance! There are no judgements here and you can truly be yourself!”
Email contact: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca



Day program support staff, Team management
Robin Holder
(with member Al at SYG St. Patrick’s day dance)

“I have been a part of Sunrise for 5 years. Before I became staff, I volunteered and completely fell in love with the members. I run the art program as well as the fitness program. I love my Sunrise family. The level of acceptance and encouragement is overwhelming and contagious. The members have taught me so much in the past 5 years. It really is a privilege to work at Sunrise”
Email contact: dayprogram@sunriseyouthgroup.ca