Recreation Program

If you are a current member and would like to register for an event please click the link above to visit our Bookwhen site!

Our recreation programs are 100% volunteer/student supported along with our Recreation Coordinator. Without our dedicated volunteers and students none of the Sunrise Recreational Programs would be possible!

"Our young lady has been attending Sunrise Youth Group recreational program for a few years now and we have found that the program at Sunrise to be the most inclusive program we have encountered. The staff are always helpful and friendly and go above and beyond to make their clients feel valued. They are kind and patient beyond measure. They make everyone feel welcome and special. They work tirelessly to keep the programming fresh and new. The volunteers love to work there. It's like one big family. I don't know any other recreational program that works as hard as Sunrise for their clients. Everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We wouldn't go anywhere else."

Photo by <a href="">Ella Olsson</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Cooking Class

Sunrise cooking classes involve supporting members with the development of simple cooking skills while exploring creative recipes in our brand-new two-stove kitchen!



At Sunrise dances, your favourite retro tunes, new favourites and tons of people getting their groove on is priority number one. Costumes, although not required, are always encouraged!


Meet your friends at Leisure Lanes for a night of Rock 'N Bowl! Supported by staff and volunteers you're sure to have an amazing time. Option to bring money for concession!

Art Workshop

Sunrise offers a variety of themed art workshops including paint-along nights, DIY décor, seasonal art projects and more! Delicious snacks and beverages are provided.

Fitness Spring walk

Let's Move

Programs designed to get you out and moving! Located in the community or at our building. Our programs are designed for all activity and fitness levels!

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Late Night Movie

Come join us in person at Sunrise for a late-night movie on the Big Screen! Our new surround sound system and projector make it feel like you're IN the movie! Snacks and great company provided.

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Cabin Retreat

Join us for a full weekend of themed fun. Drop off on Friday at Camp Samac and pick up on Sunday.  Always great food, company and activities including nature walks, campfires and crafts.


Dinner & Movie Night

Sunrise presents one of our most popular events, Dinner + Movie! Why go out when you can stay in? This event takes place in our building where staff and volunteers support members will meal prep. After dinner enjoy a film on the big screen with surround sound and snacks!

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New Years Eve

Sunrise is proud to provide a unique and exceptional New Year's Eve overnight celebration! A formal event with a theme we invite members to celebrate the occasion in style at Camp Samac! Fingers foods and beverages are provided throughout the evening. Dance the night away and enjoy a delicious brunch with friends in the morning!


Camp Wabikon

Camp Wabikon is the highlight of the year for many of our members, staff and volunteers! Spend seven days away on the beautiful Lake Temagami. Supported by staff and volunteers the week is themed, fully catered and FULL of amazing activities!